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Vino del Desierto wine can be found in several shops across the region of Tarapacá. We invite you to check them in the following link .

We invite you to check them in the following link Sale Points

Vino del Desierto wine has available the white variety better known as Tamarugal in their sweet and dry versions. Besides, you can buy the enigmatic red strain called Gross Colman and the Mission Grape País.

We currently do not have delivery. Even though you may ask the different shops that sell Vino del Desierto if they have this service available..

You can pay by cash or by credit/debit cards.

There are two options. In the wine route tour you can buy up to 2 wines per person (1 white and 1 red). On the other hand, in a regular shop there is no limit in the number of wines you can buy.

Vino-del-desierto-icono-racimo-1 Tours & Experiences

Wine Route lasts 5 hours, including the tour and the round trip.

Wine Route includes transport, guides, Sommelier, a free wine glass, local wine and food tasting.

For the people interested in this unique experience, you should write to the email

Due to the global pandemic, it is allowed up to 10 people per group.

You can take the tour on Fridays and Saturdays (days and times might be changed) at 10:00, 12:30 and 16:30.

Vino del Desierto offers to the tourists diverse experiences such as  Wine RouteHarvest Festival and  Corking Ceremony.

The Harvest Festival takes place in March and the Corking Ceremony is in October. In both cases, access and ticket prices will be informed by media and social networks.

We are sorry, but they are not. Since we do not have activities and adequate spaces for children and pets.

Vino-del-desierto-icono-birrete Training and Courses

We offer two options that allow us to improve skills and knowledge related to the world of wine. Consequently, we have the Wine and Food Tasting Class, which allows us to learn the wine tasting technique and the different varieties through this course.

On the other hand, we offer an Advanced Certificate in Enotourism that provides the skills to identify the different and current processes in the viniculture market. This advanced certificate considers contents such as management techniques, trading and communication and it aims to obtain a pleasant enotourism welcome.

They are professionals of the world of wine such as Sommeliers, Enologists, Historians and Agricultural Engineers.

In the case of the Wine and Food Tasting, this is done during April, August and November. On the other hand, the advance certificate takes place between June and December.

To have access to the Courses you must click the shopping cart and buy the corresponding class. This way you can get the information, materials, and contents you need. .

El medio de pago es a través de tarjetas de crédito o débito.

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