Vino del Desierto

Vino del Desierto is produced with old vines that were found in the Tarapacá region. These varieties were forgotten in time for more than 80 years, as a result of the end of the region's wine-making activity, which ended between 1937 and 1949. These varieties stayed alive in the conditions of the driest desert in the world. Our wines: The family of Vino del Desierto is composed of three varieties: Tamarugal, Gros Colman and País.


Our Varieties


Pampa del Tamarugal

The Pampa del Tamarugal is located in the world's driest desert. It features high daytime temperatures throughout the year (above 30°), with a high thermal range, that, in wintertime can reach 40°. The ground presents a saline crust which can go from a few inches up to 1 meter (3 feet) deep and that is composed of sulphates, carbonates, and chlorides. The ground is stratified with textures that are a mixture of sand and light clay, with a low content of organic matter

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